Please see our FAQ section below. If you have a question that isn’t answered here please navigate to the Contact Us page.

I've already placed an order, will you just add some kits and charge me?

We do not keep any payment information on file, in order to add items to an order please send us an email ASAP so we can hold your order (so you don’t have to pay shipping twice.) We will check to see if the order has already been sent out, if not you are welcome to place another order (select monthly shipping so you don’t have to pay for shipping again) and we will just combine the two. If it has shipped, you will need to place an entirely new order and pay for shipping again.

What is your email address?


What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all types: cash, money order, check, paypal, all credit cards, debit cards. We can also take a payment over the phone, email us to set up a time. If you would like to pay by money order, cash or check email us as well.

How much is regular shipping?

Regular shipping is $12 with the Postal Insurance or $8 without Postal Insurance regardless of how much you order.

What does postal insurance cover?

Postal insurance covers if a package is damaged or lost in the mail.  It DOES NOT cover a package that is lost, damaged or stolen after confirmation of delivery.

What if I don't want Postal Insurance?

***If you do not want Postal Insurance, that is your prerogative. HOWEVER customers who select “I do not want insurance” and then continue to the ‘Check-out’ screen agree to release Out On A Limb Scrapbooking from any and all liability in the rare instance of a package becoming lost, or damaged in the mail or lost, stolen, or damaged after delivery has been confirmed.***

What is a page kit?

A page kit is a (2 page 12×12) 12X24 layout with paper, embellishments, titles, and instructions all packaged together in a bag. Everything you see on the picture is in the bag so you can make that exact layout.

Is everything pre-cut?

All shapes are pre-cut but not the patterned paper. It is left uncut to give you more freedom with the kit in case you don’t want to follow our design.

How fast can I get a page kit done?

We try really hard to have the hard part of scrapbooking done for you (finding a layout idea, matching paper and embellishments, and cutting out a bunch of stuff!) If you follow our design, putting page kits together is quick and easy. Depending on your skill level and experience could take anywhere from 5-20 minutes. If you choose to get creative and add to the design or change it up it could take longer.

How fast do you ship regular 3-5 day shipping orders?

We ask for three to five business days (not including the day of order) to get them shipped.

Do I have to make the layout exactly like the picture?

No you don’t! You can follow our instructions exactly, or be as creative as you want and do your own thing! It’s all up to you.

Are the photo mats really 4X6, or are they bigger to fit a 4X6 picture?

When we say the photo mats are 4X6 we mean they are 4X6. By trimming your pictures 1/4 inch on two sides you can mat 6 photos from one 12X12 piece of paper. It’s a great way to save paper!

Are your page kits acid free?

Yes, all of our kits are acid and lignin free. We use only the highest quality products in our page kits.

What if my page kit is missing something?

We package thousands of kits every week and have quality checks in place to make sure you get all the pieces you need for your cutouts and page kits. We recognize that mistakes happen and we want to give you the best quality products. If you have missing pieces, let us know right away at:


We will not be fulfilling any missing piece requests after a year from your purchase date.

Please include:

  • Your Name
  • Address
  • Name of the kit
  • Year and month the kit was developed
  • The piece you are missing
  • Right or Left (side of the layout, as well as which way the piece may be facing)
  • Color
  • Big or Small (We sometimes have big and small variants of a piece on the same design)
  • Number of pieces you are missing
  • Top or Back (If it is a top or back layer)
  • Or send a picture of the kit

For example:

  • Your Name: Jane Doe
  • Your address: 730 N State St Lindon, UT 84042-1323
  • Name of the kit: Home Tweet Home 0914
  • Year and month your kit was developed in: September 2014
  • What piece is missing: Heart
  • Right or Left: Right side of layout
  • Color: Pink
  • Big or Small: Small
  • Number of pieces you are missing: 1 piece
  • Top or back: Top of white Bird House
  • Or send a picture of the kit.

Why doesn't my item match the picture on the website?

Sometimes, on rare occasions, ribbon and background paper slightly differ from what’s shown, depending on availability, but we will give you similar papers and ribbon to create the same amazing layout you see pictured.

Is there a picture of the layout on the instructions?

Yes there is! All of our page kits come with a high quality laser printed picture on the instructions as you see on the website. You can also find it at our Facebook page. Our Facebook page is Out On a Limb Scrapbooking; click on photos and then on albums. You will find them located under month where we published each design. Each cut out and kit have a code by them, (i.e. 0415). For this example you would go to 4th month, April and look up the year 2015. In that album you would find a picture of the item you are looking for.

Are there pictures in the cutouts?

We began putting pictures in the cutouts as of Aug 2015. We have lost most of the pictures before that month, but you may go to Facebook and see the ones we still have. Our Facebook page is Out On a Limb Scrapbooking. You don’t need to have a Facebook account to get to our Facebook page. Our Facebook page is Out On a Limb Scrapbooking; click on photos and then on albums. You will find them located under month and year where we produced each design. Each cut out and kit have a code by them IE 0415. For this example you would go to 4th month, April and look up the year 2015. In that album you would find a picture of the item you are looking for.

How do I contact you?

Email is the best way to get a hold of us. We check the email often, so you should get a very quick response (expect a longer wait on weekends). Our email address is info@outonalimbscrapbooking.com

Can you ship kits out monthly so I don't have to pay for shipping more than once?

You bet. See “Monthly Kit Club” on the home page for specifics.

Do you ever repackage your sold out kits?

If we sell out of a kit fast and have a lot of people request it, we can repackage a kit. We do sell all the cutouts from our kits so you can try to recreate a layout you missed out on, go to the Cutouts category on the home page or under the shop menu located on top of the page.

Do you offer any free shipping options?

No, due to the increasing shipping charges we can no longer offer free shipping.

Can I suggest kit ideas?

Absolutely, if you have an idea for a kit that you would like to see, email us at


We may not fulfill all requests sent in, but we refer to these ideas when we design our kits.