Monthly Club

Here is how the Monthly Club works:

Order ANY QUANTITY of kits, cutouts, Pre-Mades or accessories you want. As you go through the check-out system select “Monthly Club First Order” It can be selected with insurance for $12 or without insurance for $8. Then, every order you place after the first order, choose the shipping option  “Monthly Club, free after first order”.

We will hold all your orders during that month until the end of the month.

Do this as many times throughout the month as you would like.

There is not a minimum quantity of kits or cutouts to have your order shipped. We ship EVERY order during the first week of the following month.

Below is the Monthly Club shipping you can “buy” to get your items shipped. Make sure you select “Monthly Club, free after first order” (Use only if you have already paid shipping the month) for your shipping option or it will charge you twice. (only buy monthly club shipping if you get an email saying you did not pay your shipping for the month).

FAQ’s about Monthly Club:

Q: Can I get them shipped out before the end of the month?

A: Yes, just email me at and request shipment.

Q: Can I hold my kits until the next month to ship?

A: No, all Monthly Club orders will ship the first week of the following month.

Q: How do I pay for shipping if I have not paid it already?

A: “Buy” the regular shipping, just make sure you choose the “Monthly Club” (Use only if you have already paid shipping this month) shipping option so it doesn’t charge you shipping twice. If you do this make sure you write a comment in the order to combine all of your orders so we don’t miss any.

Q: How do I sign up for Monthly Club shipping?

A: All you need to do is select the shipping option “Monthly Club”. But for your first order of the month you must pay the regular shipping fee. You *have* to do this with your first order of every month.

Q: Is there a subscription?

A: There is NO subscription.

Q: Does my card get charged with every order, or do I pay at the end of the month?

A: Your card gets charged with every order. The only difference between monthly orders and regular orders is I hold them as a courtesy to the customer and ship them out together.

Q: If I have added them to my shopping cart, are they reserved for me?

A: NO! I do not know what is in your shopping cart. They are not yours until you have gone through the checkout process completely and you have received a confirmation email.

Q: When will the orders be shipped?

A: Due to the high volume of monthly orders We receive, it may take a few days after the first day of the month to get all orders out. We start shipping monthly orders out the 6th day of the month following the month in which you bought your kits. We work non-stop until all monthly kits are shipped out, but it still may take up to 10 business days to ship your order. It all depends on how many orders We have received that month.

Q: I live outside of the U.S.A. can I still join the monthly club?

A: Due the extremely high cost to ship International we cannot offer any discounted shipping methods outside the US. We can ship International but just not discounted. The website is configured to calculate shipping costs so it will give you an accurate price for international shipping.

***If you do not want Postal Insurance, that is your prerogative, HOWEVER customers who select “I do not want Insurance” and then continue to the “check-out” screen agree to release Out On A Limb Scrapbooking from any and all liability in the rare instance of a package becoming lost in the mail or lost after delivery has been confirmed.***

***If you use the Monthly Kits shipping option, your order will NOT be shipped until the 1st week of the month after you placed your order. So if you order something on the first day of the month, (and use the Monthly Kit shipping option) it will NOT be shipped until the first week of the next month.***

***Many people have put kits in their shopping cart thinking that they are buying the kits for monthly orders. I do not know what is in your cart! To order the kits you must go through the checkout process completely. Your kits are only reserved for you if you pay for them every time you order. You will get an email confirmation for every order you put through. (If you do not get an email confirmation email me to make sure I received your order.) Once again, just because you put your kits in the shopping cart does not mean you purchased those kits!***

***Please make sure you order all your orders under the same name and same email address with every order! It will make sure you get your orders fast and complete, thank you!***

Please email me with any questions:

Monthly Club Shipping  $8.00

Monthly Kit Insurance $4.00

Substitute Kit $7.99

Substitute Cutout Collection $6.50

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